Enterprise Architecture

We use a great deal of our time producing enterprise architectures, because we believe that you can retain the practical touch only by getting knee deep in the mud. Appropriate and applicable accuracy ensures that the results are actually used and deliverables produced in a tolerable time frame. We have carried out enterprise architecture work in many industries, in organizations of various sizes, within Finland as well as in multinational environments.

We work on enterprise architecture in all of its domains: business, processes, information, systems and technology.


We can help you to align enterprise architecture as a natural part of your organization’s operations. Enterprise architecture is one way for understanding the current state and planning the necessary changes. Usability in decision-making is one of the key uses for enterprise architecture. However, new decision-making forums may not be needed, as the architecture brings its contribution into the existing decision-making processes.

Enterprise architecture brings in a few new roles – mainly changes to current job descriptions. Enterprise architecture will become one of the tools in the developer’s toolkit. Remember to pay attention to roll-out – communication, training and user support for enterprise architecture tools must be arranged.

Methods and tools

We can guide you in the utilization of an architecture framework and methods, and above all how to apply those in your organization. Using ready-made frameworks is beneficial as they are collections of best practices. While following them dogmatically can become overly laborious as many of the frameworks are quite extensive, by applying them only superficially the benefits are not achieved. We have seen and used a variety of frameworks and methods, and will gladly share our experiences to your benefit. We are familiar TOGAF™ and Zachman™, for example.

The use of a modeling tool will become into question at some point in architecture work. The use of the tool differs according to the size and heterogeneity of the user group, the goals of architecture work, etc. The modeling tool is an IT system among others, so normal IT service management practices work well. Typically, the tool has such few users that it should be considered if it makes sense that one of the architects acts as a part-time system manager. In some organizations it does, in some not.

We are familiar with ARIS, QPR, Sparx and MS Visio modeling tools. We have substantial hands-on experience in the application and management of tools – the very best in Finland.

Applying the enterprise architecture methodology and tool needs its own amount of work and can appear troublesome. The greatest challenge comes around the 2nd or 3rd year mark, when you get to see if the quality of content matches the goals. Usually at this point it is necessary to clean the content, check the direction and clarify the goals. We can help you particularly in this, as changing the tool will not solve the problem.

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