IT Architecture

Work on IT architecture is usually carried out in projects or according to the needs of projects. Architecture work is most effective when architecture is incorporated in the project already in the preparation phase. Certain architectures, such as integration architecture and technological solutions, can even be utilized in multiple systems renewal projects. Information architecture, in turn, is important in designing interfaces, as well as in ensuring the fulfillment of the goals set in the integration architecture.

Architecture work is a solution for the business need. Our consultants have a strong background in process development and modeling, so we can specify the business need as well if necessary. We will identify your requirements, prioritize them and create solution proposals. You don’t need to ponder beforehand if an aspect of work is architecture, as we also carry out IT consulting.

We have taken part in choosing commercial off-the-shelf solutions and worked on architectures for the following solutions, for example: Identity and Access Management (IAM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Case Management. We leave the specification of detailed solutions on how a specific problem is addressed with a particular vendor’s given technology, to other service providers.

Architectural direction

Architectural direction and guidance ensures that a solution implemented in a project is conformant with the architecture. Architectural direction is most easily described as a process in which the responsibilities of the different teams and roles are shown. Architectural direction can be implemented step by step. The reviewed issue can be a couple of technological principles, for example, with which conformance is verified. Architectural direction must be aligned with the rest of IT governance and decision-making. New forums are not always necessary.

The conformance with the architecture should also be monitored at intermediate checkpoints. While in the beginning of the project architectural conformance can be good, needs for modification along the way may take the solution far off from the original architecture.

Once the project has ended, it is worthwhile to update the current state architecture descriptions with the changes implemented in the project.

Our consultants have worked on the side of both the customer and vendor. We know the reality of project work. Architectural goals must be achievable but a small degree of challenge is not a bad idea. If projects are supported in using architecture, everyone’s work hours are saved and the progress quickened.

Methods and tools

Most tools can be used for many purposes. Therefore, enterprise architecture tools may also be used in IT architecture modeling as well as process modeling.

We are also familiar with UML modeling tools as well as requirements specification and testing tools, including IBM Rational products, for example.

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