Coalas are consultants specialized in Enterprise Architecture

Our specialties are Enterprise Architecture, IT architecture and process development consulting, and related coaching and training. We also offer IT project services, such as systems analysis, project management, and software engineering.

We have worked for vendors and customers alike, so we are familiar with development projects from both sides of the table. We aim for long-lasting customer relationships, because we know from experience that customer understanding is only developed by time. You can also engage us for shorter assignments. If the assignment involves transferring know-how to your organization or a third party, we will commit to that goal. We wish to work by your side in making the change. The only way to create a long-term partnership is by showing expertise and driving attitude, every day.

Business ID: 2403281-6

Street and mailing address
Coala ltd
Kuortaneenkatu 5
00520 Helsinki

Billing address
Coala ltd
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

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Our email addresses follow format.

In matters concerning sales you can contact Anna Aaltonen, in other matters contact Elina Erkkilä ( +358-50-3004

Our office is located at Kuortaneenkatu 5. We don’t have reception services, so we request that you call us so we can buzz you in. The office has easy access via public transport. There is also toll parking nearby.

Our customers

Our customers come from different industries. We have helped our customers in the following assignments, for example:

Naturally, our consultants have experience in other fields and topics as well due to previous employments.

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