Anna Aaltonen

Senior Consultant, MSc, CEO

+358 40 570 8099

I have done architecture work for a long time and my specialty is enterprise architecture. I also analyse processes, information, and the necessary IT-solution quickly and efficiently. Architecture modelling tools and methods are familiar to me. Especially their roll-out in a controlled fashion, so that they provide visible benefits, and time is not wasted on wrestling with details. I live in Kerava and I spend my spare time with my dogs.

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Oskari Forsblom

Senior Consultant, B.Eng IT

+358 50 452 3843

I have extensive experience in designing web-based IT systems and modelling technology architecture. I have been responsible for the technology architecture and technology choices of a government agency. Additionally I have defined the metamodel for modelling said government agency's technology architecture, and modelled the architecture accordingly.

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Ida-Kaisa Isoviita

Senior Consultant, MSc

+358 50 463 6111

Ida-Kaisa is a consultant focused on solution and business architecture. Ida-Kaisa's specialties are Sparx EA and ArchiMate®. She also gives trainings on these subjects. Ida-Kaisa has a concrete hands-on approach to architecture work and a practical approach to any problems needing to be solved.

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Vilja Kurkinen

Senior Consultant, MSc

+358 40 487 3639

Vilja is an enterprise architecture and modelling all-rounder and one of Coala's trainers. Her background is in logistics, process development and project coordination. In Coala, her job description also entails supporting clients that are launching an enterprise architecture function.

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Oskari Miettinen

Consultant, MSc

+358 50 582 8960

Oskari has lived and worked over a decade abroad (New Zealand) and has recently returned to Finland. His diverse background, both from the industry and academia, has made him a clear thinker and a practical problem solver. Regarding Enterprise Architecture, Oskari is especially focused on current themes in cyber security.

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Antti Tourunen

Senior Consultant, MSc

+358 50 543 3939

I have worked as a system architect for more than ten years. Reference architecture, roadmaps, architecture reports, architecture work of projects and implementing architecture in development teams is my forte.

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Anu Ylä-Pietilä

Senior Consultant, MA

+358 50 595 2606

Building an EA function and especially keeping it running smoothly is my core capability. When modeling EA, I'm able to focus on the essential issues. Communicating about architecture to various stakeholders is my strength. I have an in depth understanding of public sector EA mechanisms and challenges.

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Elina Erkkilä

Office Manager

+358 50 300 4154

The Office Coala, ensures that the consulting coalas can focus on consulting.

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